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Our Vision

Vermont Valley Taxidermy prides itself in being one of southern Wisconsin’s best taxidermy studios. The difference you will find with us in in our customer service right from the beginning working with the customer to ensure that together we can produce extremely high quality works of wildlife/art. We want to know what your specific dream is to have on display and not a cookie cutter design that looks like your buddies. This is your trophy and it should be a distinctive as you!

Vermont Valley Taxidermy separates itself from other studios by giving each piece individual attention and an extensive amount of time in order to create original works of wildlife artwork.

We focus on each detail of the animal, from sculpting the eyes to tanning the hide so that you are able to see the true beauty of your animal. We can offer you a one of a kind piece that is carefully researched and may require substantial form alterations and custom habitat design. In the end it is about the customer and what you want out of your piece.

During the mounting process our attention to detail is where we shine; we use measurements to ensure balance and overall symmetry offering the most natural appearance. We also use the best materials available in the taxidermy industry and then customize them to match your species. We use these same standards whether it is finishing your species or setting up your custom habitats for the ultimate display.

In conclusion, Vermont Valley Taxidermy will provide you with an original piece of wildlife art that is designed specifically for you, to your satisfaction ensuring that all aspects of the piece are taken care of right the first time!


Address Info:

Vermont Valley Taxidermy is located at:

4430 State Road 78 

Black Earth, WI  53515

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (608)767-TAXI (8294)

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  • "I have been hunting for quite a while and never shot a buck. This year I got my first and it went right to John for a European Mount can't wait to see the end result!"
    Dave S.
    First Buck
  • "I have taken my deer to John for the past three years. He has always gone above and beyond for me to get them done. In 2009 he rushed my european mount to get it back to me befo..."
    Chuck L.
    Happy Hunter

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